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Automobile OEM’s and their suppliers need sophisticated methods for analyzing and improving the experience of a car in terms of performance and comfort. They are bringing in all the tools from system level design to detailed analysis in order to make product development more rapid and efficient.

Automakers now a days keenly focus on occupant safety than any other utility while designing a car. This can be achieved by the use of right quality materials at right places in right quantity. Also, disciplined approach towards sub-system level design can help optimize the safety features in a car. It includes careful design of interiors, seating systems and BIW structures confirming government safety regulations. Automakers strive to make cars more fuel efficient, safe and delivering great amount of innovation

Eleno Reverse Engineering
Eleno Reverse Engineering

Our expertise in the automotive domain include

  • Small passenger vehicles: LMV, MPV, SUV, Three wheelers
  • Medium size vehicles: Cargo, Mini vans, Shuttles
  • Heavy-vehicles: Bus, Coach, Truck
  • Other categories: E-bikes, Two-wheelers

ELENO is a recognized leader in Automotive Industry. We provide best-in-class CAE solutions which can solve all kind of complex physics attributed to various automotive testing procedures as part to comply with regulations